Thursday, January 20, 2011

Project 365:Jan.20, 2011 (day020): Review Time

I had to go home early today to help Zion in his review. Tomorrow, he will be having his 3rd Quarter assessment exam. It will cover Math, Reading, and Science. While preparing his reviewers, I can't believe that 4-year old nursery kids like him are already having examinations in Math, Reading, and Science. His reading exams will cover words that begin with consonants from D to P, while his Science subject covers places where animals live (i.e. land, water, air, and both land and water), as well as animal coverings - hair, feather, scales. His Math exams will cover counting and identifying numbers 6-10 and the dreaded patterns. At their young age, I am amazed that they are taught sequences and patterns. Good luck to my dear Zion! Hope he gets perfect scores again. :-)

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