Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365: Jan. 02, 2011 (day002) - Zion's Tail

For the day2 entry of my Project 365 endeavor, I am featuring again my son Zion. I must admit that he (Zion) helps a lot in this project. As I've told a buddy, hindi ka mauubusan ng possible shots para sa Project 365 kapag may kasama kang bata sa bahay. For today, I just noticed that my son's "tail" is quite long. This "tail" has been his natural hair ever since he was born. We just ask the barber to do a little trimming if we notice that it is getting frizzy. If we have time, we usually braid this tail. But if we are in a hurry, we just tie it to come up with a ponytail.

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