Friday, January 14, 2011

Project 365: Jan.14,2011 (day014): Choices and Crayons

About a few minutes ago, after eating dinner, I helped my 4-year old son with his homework. It involved coloring. I brought out his set of crayons and noticed that there were those colors that are very much used, and those that were obviously untouched. I asked my son's "opinion" as to why he thinks there are those colors that were untouched. I asked him if those colors were ugly or too dark (though I know 2 of the untouched colors were shades of orange). He simply answered, "panget yung colors na yan para sa akin..." (i.e. to me, those colors were ugly / not appealing). Nice to know that my son is starting to have his own choices. It is nice to know that at his young age, he knows what he likes and not. :-)

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