Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Project 365: Jan.24, 2011 (day024): Air TV

On our flight back to Manila last Monday, we were fortunate enough to ride a Boeing 747 plane from Philippine Airlines. I think there were a lot of people onboard the plane as the crowds built up on the waiting area as early as 4:45PM (our flight to Manila was scheduled at 5:35PM). The plane's features include individual "television"/monitors installed in each of the seat. At first, I thought it was only used during the long international flights wherein several movies are shown during the trip. It was only in this flight that I've learned that the "television" have games installed in them. I remember being able to play Bejewelled, Bookworm, and even Sudoku onboard! I hope I get to ride these kinds of plane if ever I will be going on an international trip. :-)

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