Friday, January 28, 2011

Project 365: Jan. 28. 2011 (day028): A Whole Lotta Kisses

As I've mentioned in my most recent post before this, (i.e. Mickey's Magic Glass), my aunt from the US arrived a few days ago. Being the thoughtful aunt that she is, she brought a little something for everybody. To me and my brother, she brought a whole (read: BIG) pack of Kisses Chocolates. Two things my aunt does not know, (1) I am currently on a diet and (2) I soooo love Kisses chocolates. Diet and my love for Kisses chocolates... hmmm.. may not be the perfect combination. But I guess 1 or 2 pcs in a day won't really hurt. Besides, I still manage to maintain my No-Rice-At-Night diet.. Tsk.. tsk.. Excuses.. excuses.. All for the Kisses! :-)


  1. I love Kisses too but only the peppermint kind. Have you tried the one with the caramel? Masarap din siya.

  2. It looks like a silver mine. :D

  3. @sis snapclickblog - sis, i haven't tried yet the caramel kisses! what color is its wrappings? na-curious ako dun ah.. :-)

    @sis faith - i was still lucky to be able to take some shots. i had to stop my son and my brother from getting them while i was taking the pictures. :-)