Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 21, 2011 (day052): Dad's Senti Side

Today was a continuation of yesterday's digging into old stuff, pictures, greeting cards, and the like. Today I was able to see that a man (like my Dad) can have a sentimental side. I dug into the box of memorabilia, and found that my Dad had kept most, if not all, of the greeting cards we gave him. Knowing that my Dad has a stone-cold exterior, the sight of those greeting cards kept in his memorabilia box was really touching. :D

Project 365: Feb. 20, 2011 (day051): Sakura Color

My Mom had been busy these days as we are preparing for the surprise birthday party for my Dad's 60th birthday (side note: I am hoping that my Dad doesn't discover this blog so as not to discover the surprise party... :D). I was busy going over some old photos, cards, and memorabilia when I noticed this "album" with the Sakura Color cover. If my memory serves me right, this was a brand of film being used when I was still in my preschool years. In today's age of high-tech and multiple-feature cameras, DSLR's, and everything digital, it is nice to remember the good old days where film was the medium for most, if not all cameras. Nice to remember those days where my mom would remind me not to open the camera's film compartment so as not to "expose" the film inside. Oh well.. how fast time flies...

Project 365: Feb. 19, 2011 (day050): Girly Red Toes

After a great afternoon bonding with my high school girl friends, I went home and noticed that the nearby nail spa had a promo for foot spa and pedicure. Being the usual foot-spa addict that I am, I availed of the promo. When I was being asked what's my preferred color for the nail polish, I just blurted out "Red.. Bright Red!". I don't know what got into me and I chose that color. I am not usually the type of girl who goes for red for my nail polish. Usually, I go for the more subtle pearl pink or pearl white or beige. I only choose red for special occassions like Christmas and my birthday. Oh well.. perhaps, sometimes, it's okay to break the monotony of things. Besides, looking at my toes, it doesn't look that bad. Good luck to me come Friday next week - the day I usually wear sandals in the office! :D

Monday, February 21, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 18, 2011 (day049): Golden Rolls

I was about to eat dinner when our viand this evening caught my attention. It was crispy, newly-fried lumpiang shanghai or fried spring rolls. For those who are not familiar with the said dish, it is ground pork seasoned with some soy sauce, salt, pepper, chopped onions and garlic. The seasoned meat is then wrapped in a locally-made wrapper (unfortunately, aside from water and flour, I don't know what else constitutes it), then deep-fried to a golden color. It is nice to look at the newly-fried rolls from the sides. They look like folded sheets of golden papers. Of course, these golden rolls are better eaten than just viewed as subjects for photography. :-D

Project 365: Feb. 17, 2011 (day048): The Red Cooper

I was looking over our veranda this evening, trying to look for a good subject for my Project 365 entry for today. I suddenly saw this red vintage car. According to my brother it's a Mini Cooper, whose owner is also a resident here in the building. Cute car. Vintage yet it has this high, cool factor. And strangely funny, it reminds me of Mr. Bean. Hopefully, the owner doesn't look like him. :-D

Project 365: Feb.16, 2011 (day047): The Little Orange Moose

There wasn't anything special that happened today. While at work, I was thinking what subject can be used for my photo today. Nothing special in the office. When I got home, there was nothing special either. Until I saw my son's little orange moose stuff toy. Hmm.. Kinda cute. Sorry little orange moose. Blame it on an ordinary Wednesday. :-|

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 15, 2011 (day046): One Little Candle

I was thinking of what photo to take for my project 365, when I saw my son gazing closely at the lighted scented candle on top of our table. I remembered my younger days when we lit candles at school while singing this song...
"It is better to light just one little candle,
than to stumble in the dark.
Better far that we light just one little candle,
All we need is a tiny spark.
If we all say a prayer that the world will be free
The wonderful dawn of a new day, we'll see
And if everyone lit just one little candle
What a bright world this would be.."

Project 365: Feb.14, 2011 (day045): Roses

Today is the day where people (especially those in love), "paint the town red". It seems that everywhere I go, I see the color red. Even my seatmate at work wore a red blouse! But of all the red things that appear during Valentine's, I really adore those red roses. I guess any girl or woman wouldn't mind being given roses, especially on Valentine's. We might deny it, but deep within, we ladies cannot deny the fact that we are flattered if we receive roses (aminin!!). Even my Mom, at her age (she's in her 50's), loves it when my Dad gives her roses not only during Valentine's but even on special occassions. Words such as a "I-Love-You" is sweet, but it becomes sweeter when expressed with roses. :-)

Project 365: Feb.13, 2011 (day044): Beautiful

Found this quote written on one of the notebooks being sold in Papelmeroti. I liked the quote so much, I had to buy the notebook (even if I had no use for it as of the moment). Oh well...
"Never lose an opportunity of seeing anything that is beautiful; for beauty is God's handwriting - a wayside sacrament. Welcome it in every fair-face, in every fair sky, in every fair flower, and thank God for it is as a cup of blessing."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365: Feb.12, 2011(day043): A Matter of Time

Several things happened today which could all be related to time. First, I was a buzzer beater in my one-day Natural Editing class. The class was scheduled at 2PM. I arrived at 1:57PM. Thank God, the instructor was still wrapping up the discussion for the class before ours. I still had time to breathe and setup my stuff, but not eat. Yes, it was only then that I realized I haven't eaten lunch yet due to a late breakfast at 10AM. Second, an officemate sent me text message requesting me to send him 300 worth of eLoad (yup.. eLoading is one of my "rakets" in the office.. :-D) to be paid on Monday. Since I was still in class when the message got in, I wasn't able to see and respond right away. I was able to read the message about 9:30PM (message got in at around 4PM). Sheesh, 5hrs late. Thank God, my officemate is very patient and still waited for me. Third, my brother joked (not sure though if it's half-meant) that he still has feelings for his ex-Gf, even if he's in a new relationship now. Knowing my brother well, I told him that perhaps, he hasn't completely moved on. Perhaps, even if they have separated ways several months ago, time hasn't completed yet his closure process. Oh well... everything revolves around time... *sigh*...

Project 365: Feb. 11, 2011 (day042): Tequila Sunset

We had all-girls lunch out earlier. All of us were in our late-twenties-early-thirties. And as we munched on our meals, the topic of gimmicks, partying, booze surfaced. We had realized that all of us have less gimmicks, partying, and booze since we reached this age. It's not that we totally do not drink or party anymore, we just don't do it as frequent as when we were in our late-teens to early and mid-twenties. Somehow, we are slowly "outgrowing" the phase, choosing dinner and coffee over the more hard-core alcoholic drinks. As one of us have placed it, "parang nasa sunset stage lang". We know, there will still be those occassions when we will wear again our party hats and bring out again our shot glasses, just as sure as the sun rises in the morning, after it settles down for the night. :-)

Project 365: Feb.10,2011 (day041): Zion's Heart-Warming Valentine Gift

Today I got home to an early Valentine's gift from my son, Zion. It's a very heart-warming school art project which showed a heart on front, and an I-Love-You message at the back. I know their nursery teacher helped them in creating it, but imagining my 4-year old exert his effort (it's a lot, knowing how my son can be so lazy in writing long texts) in preparing this project makes my heart overflow with love and pride. It may sound shallow, but I was really touched by his art project. Oh well.. there goes some "mommythoughts"! :-)

Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365: Feb.09,2011 (day040): The Norwegian Magnet Souvenir

One of my best buddies from grade school (who incidentally is also my officemate) got back to work today from her training assignment in Norway. Since she knows I collect magnets from places I visit or from people who travel, she gave me this magnet as a souvenir from her trip to Norway. To be honest, I got freaked out when I first saw the magnet. Perhaps, I'm not used to seeing Viking-like figurines as models for magnets. More often, "things" or "items" being produced in the place are used as magnet models. Nonetheless, it's always the thought that counts, and this magnet is an addition to my collection. :-)

Project 365: Feb.08,2011 (day039): Glass Flower

Today is an improvement of yesterday. Though my throat is still a bit painful, at least the fever has subsided. Today, my mom and I started our canvassing for the giveaways for my Dad's secret 60th birthday party (thank God my Dad's not an internet addict or else he might ruin the surprise of his own party). We are actually planning to give out shot glasses with a Thank-You sticker, so we have started scouting for cute shot glasses. One of the glasses we are considering is the one in the picture. Personally, I go for this one. Aside from it's thick and sturdy-looking make, the bottom of the glass is also attractive - shaped just like a flower. I know the celebrant is a man and the flower-bottom design might look ackward, but I don't think people will notice it. :-)

Project 365: Feb.07, 2011 (day038): Half-Full Half-Empty

There are just those days when one feels so-so. Today is one of those days for me. Similar to the glass of water, I try to remain "half-full" instead of "half-empty". But I guess life does not always make us feel that we are full to the brim. Sometimes in the emptiness and weariness, one tries to stop, and think things over. *sigh*. Perhaps this is my fever and sore throat speaking. Hope tomorrow I'll feel better.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: Feb.06, 2011 (day037): So Shady

I was not feeling well today. Yet, I cannot stay in bed all day. So I got up and tried to fix Zion's toys and clothes. It was only today that I discovered that Zion has 4 pairs of sunglasses. For a 4-year old, I think my son is a bit vain. For one, I, his mom, has only one pair of shades that I use most of the time. My brother, who is a teenager, and whom I expect to be more vain than me, has zero pair of shades. He just borrows from my dad whenever he needs one. Now, wouldn't anyone think that my 4-year old is indeed vain, having 4 pairs of sunglasses?!? :-D

Project 365: Feb.05, 2011 (day036): Match 'Em Cars

Zion got a post-Christmas gift from one of his godmothers today. It was a card memory game. I read the instructions on how to play it, and got a bit confused (sheeesh! might be a sign that age is catching up on me). To my surprise, Zion was able to understand how the game should be played. His grandmother (my mom) just explained the directions twice, and he was able to play the game right away. Kids nowadays!! :-)

Project 365: Feb.04, 2011 (day035): BC 2GO

Today I got the NSO birth certificate which I ordered via phone. I need a copy of Zion's birth certificate for his enrollment in his new school. Having this kind of service is very convenient especially for a working mom like me. I don't need to wait in line at an NSO branch (which could be very tiring and tedious, given the number of people there). Though the charge was a bit dear (at Php 330), the convenience of having the certificate delivered at my doorstep was worth the price. I hope that more public documents can be ordered from these kind of services. :-)

Project 365: Feb. 03,2011 (day034): Braids

I was relaxing at home after a day in the office. I decided to play a little with Zion, when I noticed that his "tail" was fixed in a braid. I asked his nanny who did it, and she replied that the photographer in school did it, as they were taking the kids' yearbook pics. It was really amusing, because the guy/girl who did the braids was really into it (i.e. kina-career ang braids). Tee hee!! :-)

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365: Feb.02, 2011 (day033): Mickey vs. Donald

Don't be fooled by the post title. This post is anything, but violent. I was trying out a tip by another fellow GT Project 365er (thanks Sis TypeV for this) regarding Macro and Infinity shots, when I suddenly discovered the "ability" of my camera to focus / shift focus from objects in the foreground to objects in the background. I know! This should be a common knowledge for any midlevel or advanced camera user. Hey! Cut me some slack. From the start, I know I'm a newbie, and I have a LOT to learn about the "capabilities" of my camera. So things like focus and sharpness are some ideas that I'm still in the process of grasping and learning. For my experiment today, I had to use Zion's stuff toys - Mickey and Donald - as guinea pigs to try this idea of focusing combined with the tips from sis TypeV. No war between Mickey and Donald! Just a small experiment done by a newbie. :-)

Project 365: Feb. 01,2011 (day032): 1st Monthsarry

Happy 1st month to my fellow Girltalk Project 365ers! For my post today, this is my kit lens - my 18-55mm Nikon lens that came with . Wondering how I took this shot without my ever-reliable kit lens? An officemate lent me his prime lens (can't remember if it is a 50mm...hmmm..) to give me an idea how the shots would look like using a different lens. I must admit that I like the photos I got using his prime lens. Hmm.. now should I save up for that prime lens, or should I go for my initial target - the 55-200mm lens? Hmm.. let me save up for it first! :-)