Monday, January 10, 2011

Project 365: Jan. 10, 2011 (day010): Got Your Back Spongebob

Monday has always been a tough day for almost everyone here at home (with my Dad as an exemption being the steadfast workaholic that he is). It seems that we have that "weekend hangover", wishing we can extend the weekend even by a few hours. My Zion is no exemption. Waking him up for his morning bath and breakfast is a tedious task. Telling him that he will go to school adds up to the challenge. As we adults get creative in our threats to get him out of bed, Zion gets even more creative with his excuses to stay in bed (e.g. asks for more milk, tells us that his towel and uniform got lost, tells us that it is still Saturday, tells us that they have no school). But one thing that can surely wake him up is threatening him that his prized Spongebob-backpack will be thrown out of the house. Threaten him with this, and you'll get him up and awake in no time. :-)

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