Friday, January 7, 2011

Project 365: Jan.03, 2011 (day003) - Blowin' Bubbles

My son Zion has one favorite toy here at home. Since I don't know the "technical term" for this toy, I call it the "bubble maker", because that's what it does - create bubbles from the soapy liquid inside a bright green bottle. Sometimes I enjoy watching Zion blow those bubbles. It brings back memories of my own childhood. Well it was quite crude then. We had to pick gumamela flowers, pound these flowers, and mix it with powdered detergent soap and water. For the round "mold", my childhood buddies and I would usually get some piece from our walis tingting (i.e. broom), turn one of the ends to form a circle for our bubbles. Kids of today are lucky. No need for all these preparations. They can just ask their moms/dads to buy it from the malls.


  1. I remember making bubbles that way. :P I love bubbles. I still get myself some to take the stress out, sometimes. :)

  2. @Faith - diba sis? making bubbles during our time would really take some effort. the kids today are lucky. instant na bubbles nila! :)