Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project 365: Feb.14, 2011 (day045): Roses

Today is the day where people (especially those in love), "paint the town red". It seems that everywhere I go, I see the color red. Even my seatmate at work wore a red blouse! But of all the red things that appear during Valentine's, I really adore those red roses. I guess any girl or woman wouldn't mind being given roses, especially on Valentine's. We might deny it, but deep within, we ladies cannot deny the fact that we are flattered if we receive roses (aminin!!). Even my Mom, at her age (she's in her 50's), loves it when my Dad gives her roses not only during Valentine's but even on special occassions. Words such as a "I-Love-You" is sweet, but it becomes sweeter when expressed with roses. :-)

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