Saturday, February 12, 2011

Project 365: Feb.12, 2011(day043): A Matter of Time

Several things happened today which could all be related to time. First, I was a buzzer beater in my one-day Natural Editing class. The class was scheduled at 2PM. I arrived at 1:57PM. Thank God, the instructor was still wrapping up the discussion for the class before ours. I still had time to breathe and setup my stuff, but not eat. Yes, it was only then that I realized I haven't eaten lunch yet due to a late breakfast at 10AM. Second, an officemate sent me text message requesting me to send him 300 worth of eLoad (yup.. eLoading is one of my "rakets" in the office.. :-D) to be paid on Monday. Since I was still in class when the message got in, I wasn't able to see and respond right away. I was able to read the message about 9:30PM (message got in at around 4PM). Sheesh, 5hrs late. Thank God, my officemate is very patient and still waited for me. Third, my brother joked (not sure though if it's half-meant) that he still has feelings for his ex-Gf, even if he's in a new relationship now. Knowing my brother well, I told him that perhaps, he hasn't completely moved on. Perhaps, even if they have separated ways several months ago, time hasn't completed yet his closure process. Oh well... everything revolves around time... *sigh*...

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