Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 01,2011 (day032): 1st Monthsarry

Happy 1st month to my fellow Girltalk Project 365ers! For my post today, this is my kit lens - my 18-55mm Nikon lens that came with . Wondering how I took this shot without my ever-reliable kit lens? An officemate lent me his prime lens (can't remember if it is a 50mm...hmmm..) to give me an idea how the shots would look like using a different lens. I must admit that I like the photos I got using his prime lens. Hmm.. now should I save up for that prime lens, or should I go for my initial target - the 55-200mm lens? Hmm.. let me save up for it first! :-)


  1. sis faith, i had no choice but to buy a DSLR cam. can't take any good pictures with my old, shutter-lag-sick digicam. during school programs, the camera and flash will only fire after my son has performed his part.. severe case of shutter lag talaga! :D

  2. Di ko din ginagamit yung digicam ko. Pang point and shoot lang kasi talaga siya. At may kalumaan na. Mas maganda pa yung sa camera ng phone ko. :P What Nikon did you get, btw?

  3. @Faith - oo sis, hopeless na kasi talaga yung shutter lag nung old digicam ko. nagtiis din ako ng 4 years na gamit yun. sis, i got a D5000. entry level lang kinuha ko. para mas madali ko maintindihan yung features.

    @Pinkroma - naku sis! in my case, the DSLR was a good investment since I have a kid at home. i don't miss those camera moments anymore, unlike when i was using my old point-and-shoot cam.