Friday, February 11, 2011

Project 365: Feb.08,2011 (day039): Glass Flower

Today is an improvement of yesterday. Though my throat is still a bit painful, at least the fever has subsided. Today, my mom and I started our canvassing for the giveaways for my Dad's secret 60th birthday party (thank God my Dad's not an internet addict or else he might ruin the surprise of his own party). We are actually planning to give out shot glasses with a Thank-You sticker, so we have started scouting for cute shot glasses. One of the glasses we are considering is the one in the picture. Personally, I go for this one. Aside from it's thick and sturdy-looking make, the bottom of the glass is also attractive - shaped just like a flower. I know the celebrant is a man and the flower-bottom design might look ackward, but I don't think people will notice it. :-)

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