Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Project 365: Feb. 19, 2011 (day050): Girly Red Toes

After a great afternoon bonding with my high school girl friends, I went home and noticed that the nearby nail spa had a promo for foot spa and pedicure. Being the usual foot-spa addict that I am, I availed of the promo. When I was being asked what's my preferred color for the nail polish, I just blurted out "Red.. Bright Red!". I don't know what got into me and I chose that color. I am not usually the type of girl who goes for red for my nail polish. Usually, I go for the more subtle pearl pink or pearl white or beige. I only choose red for special occassions like Christmas and my birthday. Oh well.. perhaps, sometimes, it's okay to break the monotony of things. Besides, looking at my toes, it doesn't look that bad. Good luck to me come Friday next week - the day I usually wear sandals in the office! :D

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