Sunday, February 6, 2011

Project 365: Feb.06, 2011 (day037): So Shady

I was not feeling well today. Yet, I cannot stay in bed all day. So I got up and tried to fix Zion's toys and clothes. It was only today that I discovered that Zion has 4 pairs of sunglasses. For a 4-year old, I think my son is a bit vain. For one, I, his mom, has only one pair of shades that I use most of the time. My brother, who is a teenager, and whom I expect to be more vain than me, has zero pair of shades. He just borrows from my dad whenever he needs one. Now, wouldn't anyone think that my 4-year old is indeed vain, having 4 pairs of sunglasses?!? :-D


  1. at least his eyes are protected! ;)

  2. ang ganda ng name niya. zion. ang majestic, powerful. :)