Thursday, February 27, 2014

Papercut and Washified Bookmarks

This is a post-Christmas post. I was just too busy that time with work and with my craft give-aways that I was not able to blog about it. Anyway last Christmas, my former officemates/girl friends and I had sort of a reunion get-together. After several months of not seeing each other (some of us - like me - moved on to another company), we decided to get together last Christmas for a reunion. It was nothing big. We had take-out food, some good old board games (we are an avid fan of these games), as well as reminiscing moments of the times we were still in that old office.

As I love those friends very much, I really had to make something for them for the holidays - it may not be that expensive, but at least something with my personal touch on it, and a simple reminder that I remembered them. So, I prepared the personalized papercut bookmarks decorated with washi tapes.

As I'm an avid fan of papercutting and washi tapes, I took the occasion to share this passion with my friends. I sketched their names on the bookmarks to make it personalized, carved their names and the design using papercutting techniques, and decorated the top part of the bookmarks with washi tapes. To make the bookmarks appear laminated, I bought some cold laminating film from Bee Happy Crafts and carefully pressed the bookmarks in between the laminating film. The washi tapes were bought from different sources (PaperBlushPh, Bee Happy Crafts, Washi Works, and Hey Kessy). The papercutting skills, I learned them by attending a Papercutting + Washi workshop also from Hey Kessy.

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