Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Late Post: Top 10 New Year's Resolutions

Here's a late post. I wrote this article for the January issue of our office newsletter. I would like to share this to you as I really find the ideas I've researched interesting and inspiring. Besides, it's almost the end of February and the start of March is almost at hand, and it's still the 1st quarter. Not too late yet to get those resolutions going. :)

As the fireworks and merry-making brought about by the New Year settled down, most of us find ourselves listing down things we wish to achieve in the coming year. Indeed, the New Year ushers in a clean slate to start fresh. Below is a list of the top 10 New Year’s resolutions:

1.    Let’s Get Physical
Whether it be losing or gaining pounds, hitting the gym to lift weights, or deciding between a Yoga or Zumba class, one of the most common New Year’s resolution has to do with getting in shape and sticking to a fitness plan. A great new year’s resolution as it does not only enhance our physical looks, but also improve our health and can possibly prolong life.

2.    Break a Bad Habit
It can be as mundane as getting off the habit of nail biting or procrastinating. And it can be more serious like quit smoking and alcoholism. Going cold turkey on a bad habit may not be easy and may only result in a relapse. Instead of doing an abrupt stop, try doing small steps that slowly but surely leads to breaking the habit.

3.    Financial Wellness
Money does not grow on trees and only a lucky few win the lotto grand prize. As such, having a resolve to wisely manage one’s hard-earned moolah is good, not only during New Year. Financial wellness can involve increasing one’s savings, being debt-free, starting one’s business for extra income, and cutting down on unnecessary expenses.

4.    Sack Stress and Enjoy Life
Stress is something inevitable. But there are sure ways to lessen it. Different people have different ways to cope with stress. Activities like seeing a movie and pampering oneself in a spa are simple activities, but it allows the mind and body to relax and have some time away from the qualms of everyday living. It is important to find one’s haven to get away from stress, even temporarily.

5.    Spend quality time with Family
They have been with us in our brightest and darkest moments, have seen us in our best and worst fits, and have loved and accepted us for who we are, and yet they are the ones who we often put aside due to our busy schedules. Finding and spending quality time for our families is a very good resolution. Money comes and goes. But lost time and missed memories cannot be bought back even with gazillion amounts of money.

6.    Pay It Forward
No man is an island. At one point in our lives, we may have needed help and it was freely given to us. Helping other people is a good way of repaying that kindness that we received before. Paying it forward does not require huge acts of charity. It can be as simple as helping a senior citizen cross the street or assisting your nursery nephew/niece with his ABC’s. 

7.    Cross something off the bucket list
    Whether it is learning a new skill like swimming or cooking, or the more emotional ones like falling in love again, or even the more extreme and daring ones like getting inked, bungee jumping, and skydiving – Go. The world is your oyster. Of course, having a sense of responsibility should always go hand-in-hand with whatever we desire and decide to do. 

8.    Disconnect from the Internet and Connect More with Friends
There is nothing wrong with being tech-savvy. But there is surely something odd with a group of friends supposedly having dinner with all of them glued to the screens of their smartphones. This New Year it is nice to get in touch again – to physically talk to, laugh with, cry with, and share stories - with friends. The fancy emoticons are no match to your best friend’s sincere smile and tight hug.

9.    Give in to Wanderlust
The desire to travel has its perks. For some it serves as a respite from the daily grind of life. To others it serves as way to broaden one’s understanding of the world. Travelling does necessarily require one to board a plane and visit another country. It can be a simple trip to a nearby rural town or province where one can enjoy the scenery and learn and appreciate the local culture as well.

10.    De-Clutter and Get Organized
As the year progresses, the clutter increases. The New Year is a good time to de-clutter, sort things, and throw away those which are already outdated and no longer needed. Just like an empty glass ready to be filled, a de-cluttered space allows one to acquire stuff that are more valuable and useful that those that were already disposed.

In the end, it does not matter whether you’ve come up with a thousand resolutions or just one. What matters is how well you stick to those resolutions. Strive to make these resolutions come to life. Have a good year everyone!



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