Friday, February 28, 2014

Imma Mobile Blogger

Earlier today, I was planning to email some pictures to myself (from my phone to the PC) so that I can post them together with a blog post. Honestly, I found it frustrating as I need to email about 4 or 5 pictures. 

So I decided to check out the Apps store - just maybe Blogger has an app that would allow me to create or update a blog post directly from my phone. To my surprise (and delight), Blogger indeed has an app which would grant my wish. The next thing I checked was how much would the app cost. As a novice blogger, I am not earning anything from this blog - my sole motivation for maintaining this blog is my love for writing. As such, if the app would cost that much, I would rather stick to my old but reliable PC to update my blog. So, imagine the smile on my face upon discovering that the Blogger app is free. Yes it is F-R-E-E!! I am now trying this Blogger app. This post was actually created using the Blogger app. I am hoping that the Blogger app lives up to my expectations. :)

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