Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The BDJ2014 Survey

Despite the onslaught of technology and tech-savvy people, there are still those folks who stick to the traditional way of planning - with the use of a reliable paperback planner. I am one of those. Yes, I do have a smartphone, but the only use of my smartphone's calendar is to remind me of people's birthdays. :-D But when it comes to planning out my day (and my life), I still rely on the handy dandy old-fashioned planner. Perhaps, I am just one of those people who prefer to scribble down notes than pressing keypads and swiping touchscreens. And having a lot of things to plan for - deadlines at work, parent-teacher meetings and school activities of my son, and my personal "me" time (i.e. trips to spa, nail and waxing salon), I consider my planner an extension of my own memory.

Finding a planner that suits one's lifestyle is definitely a good catch. I was able to do so when I was introduced to the Belle De Jour (BDJ) PowerPlanner back in 2010. When a good friend gave me a BDJ Planner as a birthday gift, I fell in love with it instantly. And since then (2010), I have always been an avid fan and supporter of this planner. Now you might wonder why. Well.. Aside from the usual pages containing the days and the time table, the BDJ Planner also contains sections which are very useful to the busy ladies like me, such as, the 2013 Goals, 2013 Checklist, Bills Tracker, Cash Flow Tracker, Vacation Planner, and Menstrual Tracker (very useful!!). Aside from these sections, another thing which I love about this planner is the BDJ Lifestyle Card and the discount coupons that come with the planner. The lifestyle card can be used in several establishments, some of which offer special promotions and discounts (separate from the discount coupons inside the planner).

About 2 weeks ago, I got an email from the BDJ Team informing me of the annual BDJ survey. This survey gauges the interest of existing BDJ subscribers - what they like about the planner, and what areas need improvement. The survey also accepts suggestions on what the subscribers wishes to see or find in the next year's planner. Being fond of answering surveys, I completed mine and sent the results. To my surprise today, I received an email from the BDJ team. According to the email, I was one of the first 500 survey respondents who will receive one (1) BDJ FMN Ideas Journal and one (1) BDJ FMN To-Do-List/Cash Tracker (see screen shot below).

I have always been an avid supporter and fan of the said planner, and being chosen as one of the winners for their survey is definitely touching on my end. It shows how the BDJ team appreciates our opinions and insights on the product. I hope more products would do the same. Thanks much and more power to the BDJ Team! :)

Email received from the BDJ Team. Excited much for the BDJ FMN Ideas Journal and Cash Tracker. :)

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