Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thumbs Up for Facebook Team

While browsing through my Facebook account's News Feed yesterday evening, I chanced upon 2 obscene pictures from one of my FB friends. I am not sure if his account has been hacked or tampered, but surely those pictures were waaaayyyy overboard indecent, and should have not been posted to Facebook or any other social networking site - to be honest, I think he should not have taken those pictures in the first place.

Despite the fact that I am a modern-minded individual, I still found the pictures offensive. I am pretty sure that the person who posted those pictures, have other friends who are only in their early teens or near adolescence, and whose parents will definitely go berserk once they found out that their kids are able to see those indecent pictures. As such, I decided to unfriend this person, as I am concerned that he already has the tendency and potential to post such obscene materials. I also decided to report these pictures to the Facebook team, so that the necessary action can be taken so as to remove those indecent pictures. Fortunately, when I checked on my Facebook account today, I received an email from the Facebook team that the said pictures were taken down. It was stated that those pictures violated their Community Standards.  They (FB team) also informed my used-to-friend that those pictures were removed, but they did not divulge who reported the incident. Two thumbs up for Facebook for doing this! :)

Facebook's response to the complaint I filed regarding the obscene picture

In this time and age where people of all walks of life are very much into technology and social media, it is still important to note that decency and respect are values that should still be present anytime and anywhere. In as much there is freedom of speech (and posting of pictures), we should still be responsible for our actions and for the things we do. In as much as there is freedom to say and do whatever we wish on our social networking pages, we must still take into account the values and the rights of the people who will see those posts. Responsible posting should be everybody's duty.

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