Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Washi-tized Phone Case and Charger

Last week, I ordered a couple more rolls of washi tape from Hey Kessy and Bee Happy craft shops. As the rolls of tape arrived, that feeling of excitement crept into me as I slowly gazed into each roll of tape - each having a unique design. I was initially planning to use them to cover my son's school books - or at least the spine and edges - as these are "fragile" parts of any school book.

As I was preparing the books, the paper covers, and the rolls of tapes, I got a phone call from a friend on my mobile phone. As I picked up the phone, I noticed how plain-looking my phone case was. Though I like the blue green color of my phone case, its plain-colored appearance seems dull and boring. So immediately, after ending the call, I decided to use one of the rolls of washi tape to decorate my phone case. I chose a tape design that would complement my phone case's blue green color, and one that wouldn't look so girly and cutesy (heaven knows I am not really a fan of all pink, and flowers, and girly stuff like that).

I decided to decorate my phone, but a sense of simplicity should still be present. As such, covering the entire phone case with washi tape was not really an option (besides, washi tapes in Manila are not readily available in local bookstores and the prices are not like the ordinary scotch and masking tapes). So I just spread the tapes across each other forming a cross on the back side of my phone case.

As I was still in an excited state after decorating my phone case, I also decided to apply some washi tape on the plain white portion of my phone charger. I decided to use the same roll of tape for the charger so that they (charger and phone case) would be match. Fortunately, my hands and my fingers did not fail this time. And even though it was just a simple one, I can say that this first washi craft of mine was something I should be happy about. Looking forward to more washi crafts in the near future. :)

My "washi-tized" phone case and phone charger.

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