Wednesday, May 1, 2013

2013 Blog Revival

Okay... here I go again... For the nth time, I will try revive this blog. Well, I tried to revive it back in 2011, and tried to use in my Project 365 (one photo a day). Unfortunately, due to my hectic schedule at work back then, I was not able to complete the entire project. Project 365 turned out to be Project 60-or-70-something, as I was only able to maintain the project for about 2.5 months.

This time, I will try to make this my personal blog - wherein I can share my reviews on things and products which I happen to interact with. I will try work on and revive my other two blogs (hell yeah! I have 3 blogs... all of which seem to appear neglected because of work... oh my.. ) - one is a travel blog wherein I feature my first hand experience on the places I've visited, and the other is a digital scrapbooking blog. The latter seems more difficult to maintain, because it would mean that I need to brush up on my digital scrapbooking skills, which means downloading digital scrapbooking kits and new fonts again. :)

Oh well.. I hope I can do all these this year... Wish me luck!!! :)

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