Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Survivor Philippines Season2 - the Battle has Begun

I stayed up till 11PM last time to watch the TV premiere of Survivor Philippines season 2. I had to "reserve" the television at home, to ensure that I will be able to watch the first episode of one of the country's top reality TV shows. Season2 of Survivor Philippines will be held in the very beautiful island (though I'm not sure if it is exactly an island) of Palau, located in the Micronesia peninsula. The view and the aqua life was breath taking. In fact, the show's short introduction about Palau was more appealing to me than the actual introduction of the castaways. Tee hee!! :-D

I was able to watch the first season of Survivor Philippines. I guess the castaways during the first season were still conscientious and "tamed" (with Marlon as an exemption... he was really really a very bad boy... hehehe.. ). Their values were still intact, well, at least before the 2 tribes merged. My being conscientious were also at play during that time. I really got pissed when the other castaways (like Marlon and Chris) backstabbed their fellow castaways just to ensure that they won't get booted out during Tribal Council. Most of the time, I tend to forget the show's motto - Outwit, Outplay, Outlast.

I'll try to be more objective now in SP2. Have to remember that it is still a game. And people have to play the game to win. A game that could allow the grand winner (the Pinoy Sole Survivor) to be PHP 3M richer. With this amount of money, I will not be surprised if the castaways get scheming, disloyal, and even ruthless.

At this early (2nd day), I have made my choice between the 2 tribes. I have some favorite castaways, and have a few whom I feel disgusted. Let's hope this will be an exciting season. Let's see if the Pinoy castaways can be as sly as sharp-thinking as their foreign (US) counterparts. Let's see how far will this season's castaways go for the much-coveted PHP 3M and the Pinoy Sole Survivor title. :-D

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