Friday, August 7, 2009

The Genuine Article - Vigan Empanada

About a week ago, my officemate/friend Shy announced that she'll be spending the weekend in Vigan with her mom (G.I. ang batang ito - Genuine Ilocano! hehehe.. peace tayo Shy! Ü). Right after she announced this, all of us made our "pabili list" (pinagsisihan mo ba ang pag-aanounce mo ng Vigan trip mo, Shy? hehehe..). We requested bagnets, vigan longganisa, and mine was the famous Vigan empanada. I ordered a dozen empanadas so that everyone here at home can have a taste of the famous Northern Luzon delicacy.

Monday morning came, and a woozy-looking Shy came into the office carrying all our "bilins", including my 1 dozen Vigan empanadas (obviously, hilo pa sa byahe ang lola.. hehehe..). Luckily, our office refrigerator, wasn't filled yet (being a Monday morning), so I had the chance to select a secluded spot in the refrigerator for my 1-dozen-empanadas. I labelled the pack with my name, so no one in the office would "accidentally" get it. I was thankful that I'll be going home with my father that afternoon, which means no hassle carrying the empanadas while fighting my way to get into the MRT (yes.. getting inside the MRT is a battle!).

Immediately, when I got home, I asked my cousin to cook/fry a couple of the empanadas (nao-obvious na di ako marunong magluto... hahaha!). It was also good timing because I didn't like our viand that night. I excitedly munched on my first empanada like a kid who's entering Jollibee for the first time (in other words, super sabik! hehehe..). It was N-I-R-V-A-N-A at the first bite!! I texted Shy like an addict high on ecstasy - "Grabe Shy! Ang sssarrraap nung empanada! HEAVEN!!!". It was really sumptuous, a hundred times better than the Vigan empanada we usually buy in Tiendesitas (yes, I am a Vigan-empanada afficionado). One can really savor the longganisa filling, which means that there is ample longganisa within the empanada (hindi tinipid ang longganisa!). The flavor from the parboiled beansprouts (toge) and the grated green papaya were mixed very well with the meat, that even an anti-vegetable person like me was able to appreciate it. Of course, I ordered the special empanada, which means one whole egg was added to each empanada, which provided additional flavor and texture to the dish.

That night, I forgot my diet (deliberately), and chomped on 2 big pieces of empanadas. Forget the diet, forget the cholesterol, minsan lang naman 'to! :-D

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