Monday, September 7, 2009

Facebook Family Addiction

This will be a short post. I just can't help but blog about it, since it's really becoming the "in" thing here at home.

An old saying goes,"The family that prays together, stays together". Well, let me modify this a little to describe my family's current "addiction" - the family that plays together, stays together.

This is so true for my family now. Lately, almost all of us are addicted to various applications in Facebook - my brother had chosen to establish his own eatery/carinderia (sorry bro, yours really look like a carinderia.. hehehe.. Ü) at Restaurant City; my mom tries her hand raising cows, growing rice paddies and strawberry fields at FarmVille; and I get to pursue my dream to burn rubber in Street Racing. Not that my Dad has no participation at all, but having experienced life as a farmer in the province, he advises my mom on how to setup her crops in FarmVille. It was fun watching my parents while they are discussing on which crops should be near each other, and which animals should be placed far from the crops. My mom grew in the city, so she listens intently to my Dad's advice. From a distance one would think that they are seriously discussing about the planned family business or the budget for the week. But try to come closer, and you can hear them discuss about rice paddies, cows, cattle, and strawberry fields.

As for me and my brother, we're quite contented with the "domains" we have chosen. My brother maintains his carinderia (I mean restaurant.. tee hee!!) very well, sometimes asking me or my cousin the answer to the secret question to get the ingredient of the day. After playing with Restaurant City for quite sometime, he has acquired this sense of order in arranging his restaurant furnitures and fixtures (i.e. the toilet is no longer located at the center of the dining tables nor close to the stove). As for me, I am still in the process of recruiting more peeps to have a larger crew, upgrading my ZYN-OIL NSX and Nissan Supra race cars, buying cars and properties to increase my stash, and most importantly race and race and race, to reach my ultimate goal - the Skilled LA Street Champ title.

I may setup my own farm, barn, or eatery (or restaurant, depending on how it would look like) one of these days, and my brother might try his hands in racing. Unfortunately, I can't say the same thing for my Mom. She gave up on Street Racing the first time she tried it. It's not her cup of tea, daw. Hopefully, she'll be able to detach herself from the other farm-related apps in Facebook and try some other games. Till then, we'll be stuck in our little worlds, drowning in this addiction we all love.

Gotta go now... Just noticed that my Health, Gas, and Adrenaline are now replenished... Ciao! :-)

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  1. addict kyo sa facebook. everybody in my family also, except me because I dont have a facebook account

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