Thursday, March 13, 2014

Washified Kraft Notebooks

I am a fan of handmade stuff. As much as I can, whenever I try to give something to my friends, I always make it a point to put my personal touch on it.

As most of my high school girl friends enjoy writing on notebooks and journals, I decided to give them washi-fied kraft journals last Christmas. I had to ask each of them about their favorite colors, and from there, I had to select washi tape rolls whose designs complement each other, and at the same time, matched the favorite colors of my friends. It was pretty easy to create the washi-fied journals, and the experience of being able to come up with a gift that's a "labor of love" is something fulfilling. Luckily, my friends liked the journal. I had to remind them that I'm still a novice in the handmade movement so that they'll cut me some slack. I'm just glad that my friends were very appreciative. :)

For the details: the plain kraft journals/notebooks were ordered from Papemelroti; the washi tapes were purchased from PaperblushPh

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