Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Of Colored Fountains and Fire Prevention Month

Last Monday, I went with my Dad at the Quezon Memorial Circle to try my hand (or feet actually) at brisk walking. I was (finally) convinced by my Dad to get into some form of fitness regimen, for Zion's sake.

Once we got in the park, I noticed there were a lot of fire trucks, and a lot of guys from the Bureau of Fire Protection. From the booming PA system, I realized that they were launching Fire Prevention Month - oo nga pala, March na (i.e. Oh yeah.. It's the month of March). I was a disappointed and lost my interest to jog that day because there were a lot of people and most of them occupied the joggers' path/track. After one and a half rounds, and being disappointed, I stopped by the cemented pavement facing the central park monument and just listened and watched the festivities (i.e. If you can't beat them, just listen and join them).

It was nice watching the fire trucks parading. It was even nicer watching the colored water that came out from the firetrucks. They were like colored fountains that sparkled in the morning sun. I suddenly remembered my son, that he would surely enjoy the sight of parading fire trucks and the colored fountain water, had he been there with me. I suddenly admired the courage of the people doing fire-fighting work. Their job is a very dangerous one but they were brave enough to take on the risks in order for people to be safe. I do hope the people in the park was not only mesmerized with the parade of fire trucks and the colored fountains. I do hope they would remember what was the festivity for - the launch of the Fire Prevention Month - a brief reminder to everyone that as summer is approaching, extra care must be taken to stay away from fire-related accidents.

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