Friday, June 25, 2010

My Photoshop Attempt (Non-Digiscrapping)

Today was the start of my Desktop Publishing class at Nego-Skwela in Quezon City. We will be tackling the basics of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw for the next 3 days. I already have an idea as to how Adobe Photoshop works, but my idea is only limited to using Adobe Photoshop in digital scrapbooking (see my WaRpEd & TwIsTeD digital scrapbook site). I really haven't maximized its powers by using it for photo-editing and its image adjustment powers. So today's discussion was really exciting. I get to learn the crafty art of extraction, image adjustment (i.e. remove unwanted marks or blemishes, make people look sexier or bloated in their pics, replacing the faces in existing photos). I must say I still have a llllllllooooooootttt to learn and lllllooooottttttttssss of practice to do. But I guess, today was a good start. Hopefully, I'll get to learn more things in the next 2 days. So to give you an idea of how crazy my Photoshop talent could be, just look at the naughty poster that I've created for my brother who has just joined the ROTC corps in their school.

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