Monday, July 12, 2010

Avon: Additional Income Generating Opportunity

Ever since I got retrenched from work a couple of weeks ago, I tried to find alternate sources of income. I took up a short desktop publishing course to start my desktop publishing career. In addition, I signed up to be a franchise dealer (FD) for Avon products.

I was on my way home from one of my job interviews. The job interview didn't turn out well. The interviewer was an arrogant guy who told me, straight to my face, that I have already forgotten my mainframe skills. I really had to answer back. I just couldn't let him step on me that way. I told him I was honest enough to inform their blasted HR company that my last mainframe stint was back in 2004. Why the heck did they even consider me for the position, when they knew from my resume and from my honest statement that my mainframe knowledge had already slipped throughout the 6 years I've never used mainframe?!?

Anyway, on my way home from that God-forsaken interview, I rode the MRT and got off at the Cubao station. I went to Gateway Mall to pass time (and to let go of some steam). I loitered around the mall for a few minutes, afterwhich I finally decided to ride the LRT line2 on my way to Kamuning. As I entered the train station, I noticed a small kiosk along the side that was packed with people. There were 2 ladies who were giving away flyers. I thought they were preachers for some religious sect, trying to recruit new members. I tried to evade one of them, but the lady caught up on me, and handed me one of her flyers. It was for Avon. It was inviting new members to sign up, at a minimal fee of thirty-five pesos (Php 35). I ignored it at first, thinking it was just a stroke to get people's attention - that there was a hidden agenda behind the Php 35.00 sign-up fee. But, perhaps due to my frustration with job-hunting and that hellish interview, I went back to the kiosk and asked the lady about the promo. The lady was friendly enough to introduce me to her Sales Leader, who was also accommodating enough to discuss the details. Knowing how things operated in Cubao, I was not easily swayed by their sweet-talk. I asked a ton of questions, such as, do I need to recruit other members in the future or do I need to purchase something every month, and so on. The sales leader was still friendly and accommodating, as she answered each of my questions. I was surprised that she was not irked by my cocky tone and all of my questioning. After about an hour or two of discussing and clarifying things, I finally decided to sign-up. I thought, I was able to throw and gamble Php100 (in taxi fare) to attend that blasted job-interview, then what is Php35 to sign-up for something that I knew would allow me to buy products (even for myself) in Avon. Product-wise, I did not have hesitations in signing-up for Avon. I used to order Avon undergarments and toiletries from former officemates. So I know the quality and the products' value-for-money.

At home, I informed my Mom, my cousin, and my son's nanny that I have signed-up for Avon. To my surprise, they were all excited about it, and asked if I already have a catalog. It was a good thing I already bought one. My mom and cousin had already listed the items they wanted to buy. While my son's nanny, had informed me that she was willing to market the product to her fellow nannies in my son's school. I agreed to it, and promised Yaya (how I call my son's nanny) that she would receive commission from orders she got at Zion's school. The next day, after Zion and Yaya went home from school, Yaya already has a list of "orders" - from her fellow nannies, from the school guard, and even from my son's homeroom teacher!! I was excited and happy about it. I went to the Avon outlet in Cubao to buy the orders. The lady who handed me the flyers back in the MRT station was there to give me a brief orientation, and afterwhich, it was shopping time for the orders. I was like doing my weekend grocery. It was not really an easy task because I had to go over several stacks and shelves, to get the ordered items. But thinking of the commission I can get from it, makes the shopping a little less tiring, and a little more enticing. After getting home from my Avon shopping, I prepared an excel file to list and arrange the orders. I just had to create an excel spreadsheet for it, so that tracking orders and Yaya's commission (and my personal income) would be much easier.

I know I just started and there is still a long way to go. I know that doing solely Avon selling may not yet be sufficient to support my 4-year old son, that I still need to find a stable job. But I do think and believe, that this endeavor with Avon is one of the best sign-ups that I've made. The income I make from it now may not be that big yet, but it is surely one good way to generate some additional income for someone like me. :-)

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